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Resources - first lessons

Roundwood Beginners

The video below is a useful tutorial in greetings and introductions

Click on the link below to practise the vocabulary from the lesson.  Make sure you have audio turned on so you can hear the Chinese pronunciation

The next block of lessons will start on 17th March 2016.  The lessons will run straight through from 17th March - 21st April.  There will be no break for Easter as the school WILL be open.

I'll post regular homework here so stay tuned and keep practising!

2)   Can you write all these characters? Do you know what they all mean?  You can print this out and use them as flashcards

3) Try out these revision activities.  Don't worry if you can't remember anything.  It's not a test - just intended to get your brains working again.


The answers are here

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