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We offer a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to upper-intermediate, and all forms from private tutoring  to  group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. Please get in touch to discuss what you are looking for


Mandarin Chinese Beginners Programme in Harpenden
Standard Programme | 1 lesson per week | initially 9 weeks + trial lesson
The first lesson is a trial lesson - so can be paid for separately (£10.00) so you can see if the course will suit you.  Thereafter the remaining block of 9 lessons costs £90.00.


PRICE: £90.00 for 9 lessons

How to sign up

Contact me via the message box below


by email:


or by phone: 01582 769390

Can I pay lesson by lesson?

If this is your question, then please click here

Need Chinese for Business?
Private tutoring is also available so do get in touch


PRICE: £30/hr
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