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'Mei Wenti'
means: 'No problem'

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Mandarin Lessons in Harpenden

About me


My name is Helen and I am a qualified and experienced teacher and teacher-trainer of languages.  I have nearly 30 years of language teaching experience, both in this country and abroad.  I have taught all age-groups and language levels and regularly deliver workshops to help other teachers of Mandarin develop their teaching skills.

Find out more about this beautiful and fascinating language

"Doesn't China have a number of different languages?  Which is the most important?


"Isn't Chinese one of the hardest languages to learn?


"I've heard that Chinese uses 'tones'? What does that mean?


"The writing looks very complicated? Do I need to learn to write that way?"

Learn Chinese in Harpenden Hertfordshire

My qualifications include a PGCE, an MA in Education (Applied Linguistics) and an MA in Chinese Studies (Distinction) from London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

Most people know that Mandarin Chinese is fast becoming one of the most important languages in the world. But people believe also that it is a very hard language to learn.


However, as a non native-speaker myself, I know that you CAN learn to speak and understand (even write,if you want to) this beautiful and valuable language fluently!. I have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t – and how incredibly satisfying the journey can be.

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Mandarin Chinese in Harpenden - Mei Wenti

Learn Chinese in Harpenden Hertfordshire
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Chinese Lessons in Hertfordshire
Chinese lessons in Harpenden
Mandarin lessons in Harpenden
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